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What is Arconite

Arconite is one of the most coveted possession of Arcomians. It's the first rare metal presented in our Metaverse and is a precious find, found only in the deepest corners of previous Arcomia territory down on the ground. Once in a while, brave young Arcomians venture back to these grounds to gather Arconite for their crafted technology.

Arconite emits a powerful radiation that can grant players bonus rewards, powers and stats, making it a game-changer for any serious adventurer. The item is used to craft floating objects, helmets, gloves, swords, and armor, or even place it into jewelry to enhance your strength and presence in the Metaverse. But be warned, once you use Arconite for crafting, it's there to stay forever and cannot be re-used.

At present, Arconite exists only as a virtual statistic, but in the future, we plan to transform it, together with many other gems, into actual rare, non fungible, transferable token